DragonBright is a small, customer-focussed company, providing a variety of services to our customers. We specialise in bespoke solutions, offering flexibility and peace of mind.

In addition to the professional services we provide, we operate an enjoyable side-line in crafty things. In particular, we are interested in lampwork and woodwork, but we do also dabble in a variety of media. We maintain a small workshop in Hertfordshire, and always welcome visitors - please contact us if you'd like to visit. You can view (and buy) some of the things we've made in our online shop (coming soon); we also carry a few items that may be useful to other artisans.


Embedded Development

We are skilled in the development of small embedded systems, and have experience with a number of the leading microprocessors on the market. With excellent industry experience, we specialise in producing tight, well-thought out firmware and system designs. While we mainly work on the firmware side, we can arrange for other disciplines (e.g. hardware or CAD design) as necessary; we're equally at home providing a small part of a larger project or project managing a large one, including assembling and running the technical team.

Microprocessors we have worked with include Texas Instruments (OMAP & 8051), Cypress, Atmel, Microchips, CSR and Imagination Technologies. We have experience with a number of communication protocols and systems, such as USB, WirelessUSB, Bluetooth, hard real-time systems and embedded Linux. We pride ourselves in documenting all systems to the highest standard.

Business Consulancy

We offer a range of business consultancy services, from office management and front-line telephone support, to process and efficiency consultancy. We can help clients with recruiting or outsourcing their back office functions, or set up management structures and processes (or improve existing ones). In particular, we specialise in small companies that have grown to the point where the one-man-band processes are no longer sufficient.

We have experience in commercial bodywork and respray, construction, aviation, and many other fields.


Alison is available for ad-hoc commercial helicopter operations, as a freelance pilot. She holds a JAA CPL(H) with MEIR(H), and has completed MCC and HUET training. While primarily based in the South UK area, she is available for work anywhere.

We can also offer private tutoring for the PPL(H) ground school - if you're struggling with understanding and retaining the information and passing your ground exams, we can make it easy. Our personalised and one-to-one tuition is customised to your needs, and can range from a few hours of pre-exam brush up to a complete course.

For full details of hours, current types, etc. please contact us.


DragonBright Ltd was originally started as a commercial vehicle for the founders' craft activities. Although the company has grown significantly in other areas, we still maintain our craft activities. In particular, we operate a woodwork and lampwork workshop in Hertfordshire, from which we also dabble in a number of other arts and crafts.

Our finished products are available from our web-shop (returning soon). We also sell various crafting supplies, in particular tools for lampwork; as we make a lot of our own tooling, these tend to be items we've developed for our own use. If you have an idea for a tool that you need, let us know - we might be able to do a custom design for you!


While we mainly provide ad hoc training for the private helicopter pilot (PPLH) ground exams, we can create or organise courses in other areas too. Our staff have course design and delivery experience from high school right up to university level, and have given a variety of conference talks over the years. Courses we've delivered in the past range from technical computer related subjects through motor trade to introductory SCUBA diving; given enough of a run up, we can design and deliver a course in almost anything!

We maintain contact with a number of experts in a diverse range of fields, so if we don't have the expertise in-house already, we almost certainly know someone who does!